Positioned at the heart of three dynamic counties—Seneca, Wood, and Hancock—and nestled strategically within a three-hour radius of 80% of the country’s auto assembly plants and within 500 miles of 67% of the nation’s population, the City of Fostoria commands a pivotal position in the economic landscape. Our city-owned public airport, situated just 2 miles northeast of the city limits, serves as a gateway to seamless travel and transportation. Fostoria boasts an exceptional transportation network, boasting numerous highways and railways, with convenient proximity to major thoroughfares like The Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90) and Interstate 75. Experience the strategic advantage of Fostoria’s prime location, where accessibility meets opportunity, paving the way for unparalleled growth and prosperity.

Routes Include:

  • U.S 23 | Toledo to Columbus
  • U.S 23 | Toledo to Columbus
  • Ohio 12 | Connects with the Ohio Turnpike and I-75
  • Ohio 18 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 199 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 587 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 613 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access

Air Facilities

The Fostoria Municipal Airport offers a 5005'x100' all weather surface runway, high intensity transmitter activated runway lights and beacon, hanger space and a full time base operator. Fostoria is less than 2 hours from DTW and 45 minutes from Toledo Express Airport and the Burlington Air Express air cargo hub.

Port Facilities

Less than 50 miles from Fostoria is the only diversified cargo-handling port on the Great Lakes. The Port of Toledo is a domestic and international shipping center located along the Maumee River and has a 150 acre overseas cargo center which offers world traders the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone operation.

Railroad Access

Main line service by 2 railroads, both with yards and interchange agreements, provides Fostoria with rail shipping facilities in all directions. Norfolk Southern & CSX Transportation connect with comprehensive intermodal transportation ports for both domestic and international shipping. Efficient service is provided to the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards and south to the Gulf Coast.

Motor Carrier/Trucking

Over 500 major bureau carriers have authority to provide service to and from the city of Fostoria. Services include 25 regular and 35 irregular route common carriers servicing daily, 9 carriers offering containerized service for export and import, 16 companies offering pickup and deliver service to and from the city.