Retention & Expansion Program

“Existing businesses play a vital role in economic development. Studies show that upwards of 80% of new jobs created in rural areas comes from existing businesses.”

The Fostoria Economic Development Corporation offers a comprehensive Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program that is designed to connect local businesses with resources that help to plan and implement growth. Through company visits and conversations, the BR&E program is able to identify areas where local, state, and federal resources may be available to assist local firms in their profitable growth.

Our BR&E Program is designed primarily to assist local businesses,
but also serve multiple purposes aiming to enhance the competitiveness of conducting business in the local area.

The BR&E Program serves to:

-Enable community leaders to define the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy as identified by existing businesses and workers.

-Use Feedback data to develop, prioritize, and implement actionable items and policy that best address local business needs.

-Develop a narrative of the local economy.

-Create direct lines of communication between policy makers and local industry.

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