Sites & Buildings

Highlighted Property

921 Sandusky Street

The property is currently agriculture and farmed on a yearly basis. All utilities are on site and has rail access. The land sits along State Route 12 and is 16 miles from Interstate 75. Due diligence has been completed on the property, including: Phase I Environmental, Wetland Determination, Soil Borings, and Endangered Species. 


Electric Power

Fostoria’s electric power is provided by AEP Ohio, North Central Electric Cooperative and Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative. These companies serve the entire Fostoria area. Voltages available range from 69kV to 345 kV from numerous transmission lines. Certain customers are qualified to receive patronage capital refunds. North Central Electric and Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperatives purchase their power from Buckeye Power, Inc.

Natural Gas

Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. serves the Fostoria area with a competitively priced natural gas supply and transportation services. Columbia Gas provides access to diverse sources of supply, the majority of which originates from the southern and southwestern United States and Ohio fields – including the largest storage field capacity in the northeast. Columbia Gas offers a host of technical services, including engineering consultation, for a multitude of industrial applications.

Water & Sewer

Fostoria’s water is supplied by the municipal water works. Obtained from the east branch of the Portage River and impounded in six up ground reservoirs, it is purified, softened and stored in a clear well and two towers. Peak daily use is 3.673 million gallons (average use is approximately 2.89 million gallons, annual peak, 5.5 mgd) with a plant capacity of 6.0 million gallons per day. Well water also is available in most sections of Fostoria at approximately 115 feet.


AT & T is the worldwide provider of IP-based communication services and the leading U.S. provider of high speed DSL Internet. They provide voice, internet and data service and offer support you can count on with more than 10,000 lines. Spectrum also serves the Fostoria area in telecommunications, high speed internet and fiber.