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Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

Fostoria is a community with a strong, smart and plentiful workforce; where neighbors greet each other by name; where businesses work together for the common good; and where new industries are not simply welcomed, but encouraged and nurtured.

In fact, there are a lot of things to say about the City of Fostoria, where town and country meet in the interest of good business and good living. Where highways and railways converge at the crossroads of the Midwest. Where families and companies can put down roots. Where there is room to grow!

Ohio consistently ranks as one of the top places in the nation to live and do business. The state offers low business costs, a supportive business environment, plentiful, productive labor force and outstanding scenic and recreational attractions.

A non-metropolitan community of 14,000, Fostoria is located in a market area of 138,000 within a 30 minute commute. A wide range of resources exist to help start, locate or expand your business in Fostoria.

Excellent Location

Located in Northwest Ohio, you cannot find a more central, productive or suitable location. At the heart of the Midwest's industrial corridor, our crossroads stretch from Detroit to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh to Chicago.


An excellent transportation network of U.S. and State Highways makes doing business in Fostoria convenient for all. We also have three major rail lines traversing the city, providing direct access to coastal and gulf ports.


Located in the Community Reinvestment Area, incentives are possible, including workforce development, financial and technical assistance. Utility rates are competitive with surrounding areas and industrial user incentives may be available.

Available Labor

A labor force of over 185,000 drawn from five surrounding counties provides businesses with a well-trained pool of employees. Customized skills training is available through local community and technical colleges.

Sites & Buildings

Area Industrial & Commercial Developers & Contractors

Our partnering member businesses are available and can build to suit

ACI Alvada Construction

Paul Craun


Alvada, OH


Frankart Electrical Company

Tim Frankart

PO Box 627

Fostoria, OH 44830



Phil Rudolph, Jr.


Toledo, OH


Clouse Construction

Lenny Clouse

4382 W. TR 90

New Riegel, OH 44853


Whitta Construction

David Whitta


Fostoria, OH



Centrally located, Fostoria has an excellent trasnportation network containing numerous highways and railways and is also close to The Ohio Turnpike (1-80/90) and Interstate 75.

Routes Include:

  • U.S 23 | Toledo to Columbus ( extends from Michigan through the Carolinas)
  • Ohio 12 | Connects with the Ohio Turnpike and I-75
  • Ohio 18 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 199 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 587 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
  • Ohio 613 | Intersects in the city, providing easy multi-direction access
Within 3 hours of 80% of the country's auto assembly plants
Within 500 miles of 67% of the nation's population

Motor Carriers/Trucks

Over 500 major bureau carriers have authority to provide service to and from the city of Fostoria. Services include 25 regular and 35 irregular route common carriers servicing daily, 9 carriers offering containerized service for export and import, 16 companies offering pickup and deliver service to and from the city.


Main line service by 2 railroads, both with yards and interchange agreements, provides Fostoria with rail shipping facilities in all directions. Norfolk Southern & CSX Transportation connect with comprehensive intermodal transportation ports for both domestic and international shipping. Efficient service is provided to the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards and south to the Gulf Coast.

Air Facilities

The Fostoria Municipal Airport offers a 5005' X 100' all weather surface runway, high intensity transmitter activated runway lights and beacon, hanger space and a full time base operator. Fostoria is also less than 2 hours away from DTW and 45 miles from Toledo Express Airport and Burlington Air Express air-cargo hub. The airport has regularly scheduled flights with more than 40 daily departures and general aviation service connecting most major cities.

Port Facilities

Less than 50 miles from Fostoria is the only diversified cargo-handling port on the Great Lakes. The Port of Toledo is a domestic and international shipping center located along the Maumee River and has a 150 acre overseas cargo center which offers world traders the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone operation. Total Port cargo annually averages 12 million tons.

Financial Data

Local Property Tax

All real property is assessed at the local level, and tax rates are regulated by local officials and voters. The County Auditor, the chief assessing officer, lists and values the real property with the county for taxation purposes, under the direction and supervision of the County Board of Tax Appeals.

*Fostoria does not have personal property tax.

Current Property Tax Rates

Tax rates by county/district can be found on the respective Auditor’s web sites.

Hancock County Sales Tax


Seneca County Sales Tax


Wood County Sales Tax


City Income Tax


Tax Abatement

Fostoria has a city-wide Urban Enterprise Zone program, designed to help enhance the competitive advantage of industry expanding or locating in the community. Foreign Trade Zone tax benefits can be made available on a requested basis. Ohio laws and tax structures are favorable for industrial growth. The state constitution stipulates that all tax levies exceeding 10 mills must be approved by the voters.

Financial Assistance

In addition to a variety of state financial assistance programs, Fostoria offers reduced interest financing through its Fostoria Revolving Loan Fund. The $2.1 million fund is available to loan -qualifying companies locating or expanding in the Fostoria area.

Benefactor & Director Members


Electric Power

Electric energy is sold under uniform rate schedules through the service area and Fostoria’s electric power is provided by AEP Ohio, North Central Electric Cooperative and Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative. These companies serve the entire Fostoria area. Voltages available range from 69kV to 345 kV from numerous transmission lines. Certain customers are qualified to receive patronage capital refunds. North Central Electric and Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperatives purchase their power from Buckeye Power, Inc.

Natural Gas

Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. serves the Fostoria area with a competitively priced natural gas supply and transportation services. Columbia Gas provides access to diverse sources of supply, the majority of which originates from the southern and southwestern United States and Ohio fields – including the largest storage field capacity in the northeast. Columbia Gas offers a host of technical services, including engineering consultation, for a multitude of industrial applications.

Water & Sewer

Fostoria’s water is supplied by the municipal water works. Obtained from the east branch of the Portage River and impounded in six up ground reservoirs, it is purified, softened and stored in a clear well and two towers. Peak daily use is 3.673 million gallons (average use is approximately 2.89 million gallons, annual peak, 5.5 mgd) with a plant capacity of 6.0 million gallons per day. Well water also is available in most sections of Fostoria at approximately 115 feet.


AT & T is the worldwide provider of IP-based communication services and the leading U.S. provider of high speed DSL Internet. They provide voice, internet and data service and offer support you can count on with more than 10,000 lines.  HughesNet provides satellite Internet communications, such as internet and phone service, and offers 24/7 technical support, a personalized homepage, five or more FREE email accounts, and email defense (spam and virus filtering).