Sites and Buildings


Fostoria is a community with a strong, smart and plentiful workforce; where neighbors greet each other by name; where businesses work together for the common good; and where new industries are not simply welcomed, but encouraged and nurtured.

In fact, there are a lot of things to say about the City of Fostoria, where town and country meet in the interest of good business and good living.  Where highways and railways converge at the crossroads of the Midwest and where families and companies can put down roots.  In Fostoria, there is room to grow!


Sites And Buildings

Fostoria has a wide array of recreational spots, both within the city limits and shortly beyond.

Those looking for a nice place to stroll can look to one of the city’s six reservoirs, each of which has a stone or paved walking trail for walkers or runners to use and enjoy the surrounding scenery. The reservoirs also give fishing opportunities to local residents.

Foundation Park (formerly Meadowlark Park), a spacious 50-acre park features 13 baseball and softball fields, picnic shelters, a playground, concessions, a new dog park, and an outdoor amphitheater. City Park boasts a community swimming pool, picnic shelters, horseshoe pits, a playground, volleyball court, and basketball court, as well as a skate park.


  • Portage Park
  • Gray Park
  • Community Water Park
  • City Park
  • Jackson Park
  • Foundation Park

Across the street from the City Park is Gray Park featuring sledding hills, a playground, and picnic shelters. Other parks throughout the city include Harmon Park, Jackson Park, and Portage Park, a 22 acre park with walking trails.

In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department provides scheduled activities and events for people of all ages, boosting citizen interest and involvment in parks and outdoor recreation.