Community Improvement Corporation

As a dually authorized Community Improvement Corporation, this not-for-profit corporation has been organized for the purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and research development of our community and county.
The mission of the CIC is to retain, expand, and attract capital investment and jobs to the community of Fostoria, Ohio. Strategies used to implement our mission include the use and promotion of local, state, and federal; financial assistance, tax incentives, and training/technical assistance programs.



Borrow money
Lend money to persons or entities. (This power is limited to making loans to persons or entities that have been rejected for credit by other financial institutions.)
Acquire real or personal property, including leased property, goodwill, stock or other assets of persons or entities.
Assume the liabilities of a person or entity.
Acquire real property for business or industrial development.


Downtown Fa├žade Enhancement Program

The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), in partnership with the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation, is providing a grant program for the purpose of revitalizing the exterior facades of downtown Fostoria properties, excluding single family dwellings or multi-family dwellings, while preserving the historic character of downtown Fostoria.


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