Vision 2020

Mission Statement

Community Framework for Progress

Vision 2020 will strive to improve the quality of life and community image of Fostoria, and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. The Vision 2020 Mission will be realized through:


  • Promoting our Community Assets and Heritage
  • Neighborhood Pride and Development
  • Inter-Governmental Cooperation on Community Assets
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Education
  • Economic Vitality

Core Strategies

The Community Framework for Progress will achieve its mission through the following core strategies:

We will promote our vision of Fostoria through an accurate community profile which highlights our cultural and economic diversity as an asset.

We will improve our community quality of life through safe and attractive neighborhoods, access to leisure and recreational activities, and improved culture.

We will redevelop and expand our community infrastructure including water, sewer, gas, electric, phone, fiber optics, rail and road capabilities, and market these capabilities for development.

We will identify assets which rail, manufacturing, food processing, agri-business, and environmental growth industries require to be successful. We will restructure our capabilities to meet these needs, attracting and retaining these target industries to our community.

We will improve the housing stock through renovation and removal of homes, intergovernmental cooperation, the extension of water and sewer opportunities, and improved housing codes.

We will develop and market a 21st century workforce through partnerships among organized labor, industry, schools, industrial educators and community colleges in our region.

We will create mentoring, training and support opportunities in business, education and community leadership for women, minorities and youth.

Board of Trustees


Chairman: Renee Smith, President, Fostoria Economic Development Corporation

Treasurer: Ron Burns, CEO, Corporate One Benefits

Secretary: Sherry Yaple, Administrative Assistant

Trustee: Teresa Lee, former City Council

Trustee: Eric Keckler, Mayor, City of Fostoria

Trustee: Jo Hollingsworth, Owner, Filmtec Inc

Trustee: Dave Whitta, Vice-President, Whitta Construction